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Ideal usage: For homes that are built on plastic clay soils. This type of soil is very pliable and is highly affected by water, or the lack of water.

Description: Concrete Pressed pilings are 6 inches in diameter. They must be forced down into the ground with pressure. This means that soils must be able to flow out of the path of a piling at its tip. Concrete pilings are made of sections that are stacked on top of each other, so they must be reinforced with rigid steel bars. These steel bars keep the pilings straight during installation and strengthen the concrete. Because the materials costs for concrete pilings are lower than the materials costs for steel pilings, it makes sense to use concrete pilings if the soils are suitable.

Advanced Foundation Repair's technicians and degreed engineers will help you determine the best supports for your home. Click on a link below for a quick overview of the options:

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